Off-The-Shelf Applications

Ready To Use Application

  1. VD Training Management

  2. A web browser-based training management application where you can easily manage Trainees, Trainers, Classrooms and Training Throughput of your organization and keep records in system about trainee’s graduation from induction to OJT to on the production floor. Application can easily be integrated it with our online Assessment tool to conduct online assessments and results for each trainee.

    Batch & Trainer and Classroom management tools will give you insights of your infrastructure and availability of each in schedules and calendar view.

    Features And Benefits

    • Batch planning & Scheduling
    • Classroom Allocation& Management
    • Trainer Allocation& Management
    • Training Throughput views and reports
    • HR & Online Assessment system Integration
  3. VD Employee Collaboration Portal

  4. Aweb browser-basedcontent management application where you can easily share and discuss information within your company or organization, and keep all your staff on the same page. You can design & create new pages including video and picture album and publish to group of users.

    Features And Benefits

    • Import, integrate and share calendars with groups and users
    • Set notifications and reminders to keep you on top of approaching deadlines
    • Create content and information in the form of web page
    • Post announcements and company news, or post questions and answers.
    • Follow department-specific updates and activities.
    • Publish of content follows Creator, Reviewer and Approver work flow before it reaches to target audience.
    • Granular permissions
    • Graphical tools make it easy for less technical users to design and create contents that
    include document libraries, Photo and Video Album, Slide shows, Surveys, Opinion
    polls and publish it to target users

  5. VD HRMS (E-Robit)

  6. VD online test system

  7. VD Office Seat planning and management

  8. VD Insurance Portal

  9. VD Cloud Hosting Portal

  10. VD Knowledge Management System

  11. VD Financial Products

  12. a)Credit Bureau Report analyzer (intelligent interpretation of data contained in CBR).
    b)Bank statement retrieval and analysis Tool (bank statements come in hundreds of different formats and can run into thousands of pages, we can process them all, in any form).
    c)Bank statement and CBR reconciliation tool (relates information in bank statements and credit bureau report for coherence and inconsistencies).
    d)Credit Engine: Comprehensive credit recommendation and pricing engine. ML driven outcomes.