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With virtualization, workloads can be deployed faster, performance and availability improved, and many facets of IT operations become automated, resulting in simpler management and operational cost savings.

Implemented properly and with the right software, virtualization can:

  • Enable today’s trend toward flexible remote office operations
  • Reduce capital and operating costs
  • Deliver high application availability
  • Minimize or eliminate downtime
  • Increase IT productivity, efficiency, agility, and responsiveness
  • Speed and simplify application and resource provisioning
  • Support business continuity and disaster recovery
  • Enable centralized management
  • Build a true software-defined datacenter

VD Networks works with several strategic partners—including Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), Microsoft, VMware, Citrix, and others to provide cost-effective virtualization solutions that address recent, major shifts in the ways organizations support the productivity needs of their distributed workforces.

Virtualization can dramatically extend the capacity and reach of core IT infrastructure and networks. It can turn desktops, laptops, and other endpoint and mobile devices into powerful, dynamic resources for on-demand data and services.

VD Networks' unique solutions, evolving with the benefit of over two decades of infrastructure consulting experience, enable the following computing areas to be virtualized:

  • Datacenter
  • Network architecture
  • Desktops, laptops, and tablets
  • Data archives
  • Security layers
  • Communications (mail, messaging, text, video, etc.)
  • …and more

Datacenter Virtualization

Datacenter virtualization enables businesses to realize significant increases in server utilization and significant decreases in operational server costs—up to 50% decreases in cost. Similar improvements can be achieved with network, storage, and client virtualization.

Many customers only associate virtualization with hardware savings. However, VD Networks has helped organizations realize considerably more in the areas of IT operational costs and faster service delivery.

Desktop Virtualization

VD Networks utilizes virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solutions from Citrix, Microsoft, and other premier IT vendors. With the centralized data and application management tools these vendors make available, businesses benefit not only from making corporate resources available to employees wherever they are but from reduced IT management and administration costs.

Technologies like Citrix Virtual Desktops, VMWare Horizon, or Microsoft’s Windows Virtual Desktop apply a many-to-one approach with “single image management” enabling allowing IT administrators to configure a single “gold” computing environment, or image, and deploy it to hundreds or thousands of users with minimal management overhead. Virtual desktop solutions provide users with a fully functional desktop environment complete with applications, login scripts, and file storage shares

In today’s remote office operations, the ability to securely deliver a traditional desktop work environment—with all the expected capabilities and access to network services and data—is paramount. The productivity of remote workers will suffer if access to applications and data is impaired or performance is substandard.

VD Networks' solutions deliver applications, data, and corporate services to remote devices and locations, anywhere, anytime—securely.

Network Virtualization

From Red Hat:

“There are two kinds of network virtualization: external and internal. External network virtualization can combine systems physically attached to the same local area network (LAN) into separate virtual local area networks (VLANs), or conversely can divide separate LANs into the same VLAN. This allows service providers to improve a large network’s efficiency.

“…internal network virtualization acts within one server to emulate a physical network.”

Network virtualization provided by VD Networks and our partners HPE, Cisco, and others, enables our clients to split up the available bandwidth into a true multi-channel service, thus separating single networks into diverse, manageable parts.

Regardless of the network virtualization scheme deployed, VD Networks provides software solutions that let one network cost-effectively become many.


VD Networks has provided business and technological innovation for our clients through progressive, decades-long relationships with some of the world's most important providers.


Microsoft Corporation is an American multinational technology corporation producing computer software, consumer electronics, personal computers, and related services headquartered at the Microsoft Redmond campus located in Redmond, Washington.

Samrtar Tools

SmarterTools helps companies communicate, analyze and support their worldwide businesses. Our products are utilized by tens of thousands of companies across the globe in a broad base of market segments


Jelastic is an extremely versatile multi-cloud-based control panel that supports multiple options for application development and hosting thus it suits even the most demanding clients and lets you integrate multiple-cloud services.


Parallels is a top American software company and global leader in cross-platform solutions, boosting businesses and individuals to access and use the applications and files they need on any device or operating system.


Cisco is the worldwide leader in IT and networking that empowers companies of all sizes and with innovative technology transforms how people connect, communicate, and collaborate building an inclusive future for all.


Dell is an American technology company that develops,